Tuesday, August 6, 2019

This Years Underwater Madness Essay Example for Free

This Years Underwater Madness Essay The film chosen is called Shark Tale a story bout the little fish with a big dream. Actors Courtesy of DreamWorks This animated film created by Dream Works has chosen only the very best for such a film, featuring: * Will smith as the voice of Oscar in the film. * The award winning Robert De Niro with his strong role as the voice of Don Lino The don of the great white Sharks. * The Oscar winning Renà ©e Zellweger, here as the voice of Angie. * The beautiful Angelina as the voice of Lola. * Jack Black in his very comical role as the voice of Lenny. * Martin Scorsese as the voice of Sykes. The running time is 90 minutes (1hr 30mins). Certified PG (Parental Guidance) The cartoon images in Shark Tale are well presented, with the anthropomorphic fish taking on the facial characteristics of their voice actors. The Plot The film is about a fish with no money and high aspirations and all he wants to do is earn money and become famous, we see Will Smiths Oscar imagine himself on billboards and in movies because thats all he sees and when meeting a very beautiful fish Angelina Jolie named Lola his dreams become even more important because her interest in guys involves how heavy their wallet is. He carries this too far when placing a bet on a horse when he thinks a race is fixed, placing 5,000 clams (the underwater currency) he loses the bet and the person he owed money to has his hit man deal with him, before they can get to him sharks turn up, one being a vegetarian cant eat him, his brother son of the Don gets hit bye an anchor. My Personal Opinion I thought this film was very entertaining and quite comical it had a spark to it and was very good for the little children, they would adore a film like this one, especially it being released after Finding Nemo it gave it some competition though Finding Nemo did come out on top. Comedy even on the emotional parts all round good film must be watched and great for the family.

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