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Language Change

English Language Section B Language Change – Practise Essay 4. Texts I and J both provide advice about dancing etiquette. Text I is from How To Dance. A Complete Ball-Room and Party Guide, published 1878. Text J is from an article, ‘Dancing to Romance’, from The Boyfriend Book, a girls’ annual published in 1965. ?Referring to both texts in detail, and to relevant ideas from language study, discuss how language has changed over time. Language is a fluid and flexible phenomenon which experiences vast change on a regular basis.Theorists such as David Crystal have taken an open-minded approach to such change, explaining that â€Å"there is no predictable direction for the changes that are taking place. They are just that: changes. Not changes for the better; nor changes for the worse; just changes, sometimes going one way, sometimes another. † This statement articulates the prescriptivist view that language is an organic part of life which evolves and gr ows to suit the needs of its contextual time, just as living organisms do.Texts I and J show a distinct journey of change in the English lexicon between 1878 and 1965, ranging from graphological features through to the individual lexical choices and even the ways in which the audience of each of the texts is addressed. In exploring these texts, conclusions will be drawn as to the extent of the change that language has undergone, and what the causes, and indeed the impacts of these changes may have been. One of the most notable differences between these texts is their graphological presentation.Text I is composed in an expressly simple way, using a serif typeface which was likely to have been produced on a printing press, given that the text itself appears to have jagged edges, implying that ink had been applied to a block or stamp in order to produce the text – something uncommon to contemporary means of printing. It is also interesting to note the complete lack of images, an d the justified alignment of the text throughout. The text is not split up at all, other than into paragraphs and here is no use of italics or bold text at any point in the text. Text J, conversely, uses a graphologically complex structure, with an image to text ratio of around 1:1. Three blocks of text are accompanied by three images of men and women together, two of which display a dance scene and the last of which displays the onset of intimacy – the desired goal of the text which was written as an instructional piece, seemingly aimed at the female gender.The images supplied are directly photograph, rather than illustrations, representing the development of technology and the availability of photography cameras and digital arrangement of photographs and text to create such a publication. Text J also makes use of italicisation in order to emphasise the lexical items â€Å"those† and â€Å"your. † The use of the lexical item â€Å"those† here is a deicti c expression, implying a shared pragmatic and contextual knowledge between the producer and the reader of the text.This is echoed throughout the text, where an informal and friendly tone is adopted throughout. This is confirmed by the consistent application of elision, forming contractions of lexis such as â€Å"do not† to become â€Å"don’t†, showing the adoption of a primarily informal register. The method of address can be considered in terms of Norman Fairclough’s theory of synthetic personalisation, where first person pronouns are used to directly address the reader and indicate a kind of relationship between the writer and reader, where some shared understanding and common-ground can be found.This personalised and informal approach to writing is another area of particular development from the older text. Text I, in stark contrast to text J, adopts a formal register throughout, using latinate lexis to imply an ascendant status to the reader. This is connected to gender theories, where men are often considered to be more direct, and to write with a stronger tone of authority. Some of the lexical choices made in this text show the lexical development of language specifically, as archaic latinate terms like â€Å"effrontery† are found throughout the text.This is indicative of the broadly formal approach to this text, in opposition to the relaxed, informal approach within text J. Text I appears to adhere to the rules of the oppositional table in regard to written and spoken discourse, where a predominantly objective approach is taken, other than a single reference with the pronoun â€Å"your† is made to the reader. Other than this instance, the text remains entirely objective, referring in the third person to entities for the purpose of explanation. Text J, on the other hand, uses the interpersonal approach which is more common to spoken discourse to address its audience.In terms of the oppositional table, a further c onsideration can be made as to which side these texts sit more appropriately. This observation is made specifically in regard to the grammatical complexity of the texts, for which text I is more advanced. The use of more advanced punctuation such as the regular application of the semi-colon is exclusive to text I, where the aim is to extend the length of sentences in many places. The semi-colon is accompanied by regular use of commas, where sentences often run to such lengths that they dominate entire paragraphs.This shows the direct intention of the producer to create an undoubtedly written piece of text which was designed to be a basis of authority on a subject of which the producer holds superior knowledge to the reader. When examining text J for the same reasons, the opposing side of the table can be identified, where a grammatically simple text uses exclamatory sentences to deliver impact, and keep a short and chatty tone to convey the points at hand. Text J also uses some unus ual starters to sentences, even using conjunctions to begin not only sentences, but paragraphs too.The purpose of these texts display an underlying social and contextual development over the time between the production of each of the texts, where an audience shift from the male to the female appears to take place, showing growing levels of egalitarianism among genders. The growth of significance of the female gender in the establishment of relationships has caused the male tone to be muted somewhat, opting for a more gender-neutral tone, even in a text which was principally written for the female gender, given its contextual location of appearance.While a focus on politeness in the content of the texts remains the same, the way in which this message is conveyed has undergone vast and wide-ranging development. A growth in the status of women through social and political development has given the female gender a more equal position in the audience position of writing such as this. Fur ther to the contextual factors, the means of production of text has also undergone vast development with the advent of digital technology, increasing the ease of production of such texts, and expanding on the flexibility of presentational and graphological features.

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Suggested Format for a Reflective Journal

Suggested format for a reflective journal Dr Elaine Regan, Postdoctoral Research Associate, King’s College London This is one of many possibilities, but it will give you some idea of the types of questions that you can usefully ask yourself. Feel free to modify this format to suit your needs. Write a page (or two) for each session, completed by you in order of the sessions. Complete this information after each time you do some work on the course. This includes the formal sessions, the related reading and any other preparation, such as work in groups.Answer only the questions that apply – but think carefully about whether each question applies or not. A Reflective journal/diary is not like an essay! In your notebook you reflect on the academic content of the INQUIRE course/workshop in relation to your professional practice. It can be written in an essay-type prose, with an introduction and conclusion, or it can be a mixture of continuous prose, notes, bullet points etc. The contents should (www. llas. ac. uk/resources/gpg/2395): ? relate the content of a workshop and related reading to your own teaching and personal development support any statements you make with evidence and examples from your reading and from your practice ? refer to insights gained into your practice ? consider the intention to try out new ideas and methods ? identify the need for further exploration of issues ? identify longer-term development What would an unsatisfactory entry be like? ? A description only of content from a workshop and reading ? Little reference to the workshop and related reading ? Generalisations unsupported by evidence or examples of how an insight or opinion came about A satisfactory diary entry would: Review (what happened in the course or something you tried form the course in your teaching) ? Reflect (make sense of what happened) ? Digest (absorb the implications of the learning event and link it with experience, action plans or questions for you to e xplore further) Keep the following page in the front of your notebook to stimulate your thoughts and writing (taken from www. audiencedialogue. net/journal. html). Your name Session date Session number Session topic What did I read for this session (apart from the notes)? What was the most interesting thing I read for this session (mark it above with an asterisk) – why was that?What were three main things I learned from this session? What did I previously think was true, but now know to be wrong? What did we not cover that I expected we should? What was new or surprising to me? What have I changed my mind about, as a result of this session? One thing I learned in this session that I may be able to use in future is†¦ I am still unsure about†¦ Issues that interested me a lot, and that I would like to study in more detail Ideas for action, based on this session†¦ What I most liked about this session was†¦ What I most disliked about this session was†¦ Mis cellaneous interesting facts I learned in this session†¦

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Stakeholder and Governance Analysis Research Paper - 1

Stakeholder and Governance Analysis - Research Paper Example The role of main stakeholders of this project is really important. This is community development project that is aimed to facilitate and improve the living style of the poor people of the Bangladesh. The biggest stakeholder in this scenario is the Grameen Bank. The responsibility of this stakeholder is providing less interest rate for the poor people so that they feel easy to return the loan. Next, the government of Bangladesh needs to establish such policy that facilities the bank and as well as the general public for this project. The project manager has a very big responsibility in this project. First, we have to build the interest among the people regarding this project then we have to manage this project in such a way that it becomes easier to handle all aspects. Scope After a detailed analysis of this project, I have analyzed that this project is really helpful and effective for the rural communities of the Bangladesh. This project will add values to the lives of the poor people of the Bangladesh. Grameen Bank has taken a strong step for the betterment of the Bangladeshi people. As a result, this project will help to enhance the basic living facilities in the rural areas of the Bangladesh. In this report, I have presented and analyzed the main stakeholders of this project that is aimed at the better community development in Bangladesh. In this report, I have identified the main interested and effective parties that have influence or effect on this project regarding its execution.

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Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Cases Case Study

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Cases - Case Study Example No because while the statute does not definitively require due diligence on the part of defendants, plaintiff did receive and pass psychological testing before engaging in the reality program and therefore defendants will likely not be held responsible. A lounge singer and Sacramento native, Mr. Muerton is currently unable to work because he suffers from recurring panic attacks, clinical depression, and paralyzing stage fright. He claims that these serious conditions are the result of Barnett Productions' duping him into participating in a reality television show called "Regular Guy," where, during the show's taping, he was forced to partake in humiliating school-yard contests while a group of athletically gifted "hunks" ridiculed his limited physical abilities. According to the client, show producers revealed, as they pulled up to beach front property which was directly across from the school which was the situs of Mr. Muerton's bullying, that the show was going to be called "The In Crowd Now" and that it would be about men who had been unpopular kids and had transformed into well-liked, successful adults. Only then did, Merton, as he was being prepared for the taping on a new segment based upon bullying learn the show was actual ly called "Regular Guy," and would be about 15 average-looking roommates competing for the affections of one beautiful woman, named Clarissa. Mr. Muerton claims that Barnett knew he would experience a negative psychological reaction to these staged events, which mirrored emotionally scarring grade-school bullying that he had experienced as a child. Prior to the taping of the show, Barnett was completely informed that Muerton that he had been abused while in grammar school. Disclosures included but were not limited to being targeted at recess by large cruel jocks; whippings during games of dodge balls; and verbal taunts such as "Watch the little loser run home to mommy after I nail him," and "I wish the ball was harder so it could crack your skull." As a direct result of the bullying, he was home schooled. Further, Merton stated "when they told me I would be cast in the show pending a background investigation and psychological testing. I passed both." During the taping of the recess segment, Merton was told by the hunks "They shouted insults. I remember, one of them said to another, "What a bunch of losers. These guys look like 14-year-olds. We should kick their asses." And another one said, "See these babies squeal I bet they're about to go in their pants." Originally scheduled to air on the Fox network this fall, the debut of "Regular Guy" has been postponed indefinitely. In sum, the issue is whether there would be a sustainable cause of action for intentional infliction of emotional distress DISCUSSION This memorandum encompasses three cases applied to the facts presented. Against that backdrop, pursuant to Yurick, a cause of action f

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Individual project 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Individual project 4 - Assignment Example Nordstrom Inc. is an up market American fashion department store, founded by Carl F. Wallin and John W. Nordstrom currently having its headquarters in Washington’s Seattle. Shoe retail was the company’s beginning and has since grown their catalog to incorporate cosmetics, clothing fragrances, accessories, jewelry and handbags. Bloomingdale’s is also an up market American chain of department stores presently owned by Marcy’s, Inc. it was founded in 1861when brothers Lyman and Joseph G. Bloomingdale started retailing hoop-skirts in their Ladies Notions Shop on Lower East Side of Manhattan. They were both sons of Benjamin Bloomingdale, a Bavarian-native salesman who had inhabited Kansas and North Carolina before settling in New York City. Segmentation entails identifying different groups of buyers in a population in order to isolate certain products and services for these different groups or segments. By altering products, communication, prices to various groups, one is able to meet the needs of more consumers and consequently gain a higher overall level share or profit from a market. Segmentation, in short, allows companies to create just the right products and services in addressing the needs of different market slices (Berghoff et. al. 2012). You now have used qualitative and quantitative tools to assess service quality and segmentation in the stores. How can a marketing manager use these results to build a segmentation strategy in one of the target stores. Part 3 of the Individual Project will be 1 page in

Comparison contrast essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Comparison contrast - Essay Example The reason for being athletes Athletic can broadly cover all the physical activities that individuals involveinactivities that help boost their physique. People have different motives for participating in sporting events. Allender advocates that frequency of a person in events associated with bodybuildingdetermines the potential to win. An individual requires much physical energy to enhance the capability to perform better. Despite the positive impacts on an individual’s life resulting from involvement in sports, there are differing elements constituting to why individuals continue participating in athletes. Some do it for pleasure while others have hopes of growing into world champions. Contrast between Andy and Darwin a) Strength The strength of an individual player is of prime concern for the ability to remain in the field. Athletes have differing potential due to their frequent partaking in sports. Andy is a tennis player while Darwin is a Cub’s baseball player. Des pite the fact that all are ball games, Mueller states thatessential strength to involve oneself in the game differs from person to person. Andy usesless strength thanDarwin doesdue to the movement one makes when in the field.Opinionatedly, all athletes need enough energy for undertaking their positions while in the field. b) Salary Salary is the primary motive for people’s engagement in sporting activities. Through competition, one once declared the champion obtains several medals for the team. The salary attached to various players is different in regard to the activities they carry out. For instance, the salary of Andy is different from Darwin’s salary. The reason for the difference is the incapacitation of the team’s treasury. Salary difference may also be due to one’s performance. Coaches are very crucial people in the team, as they are the regulators of activities performed. Coaches are capable of determining who is to do what coaches should ensure t hat all players have equal pay despite what the individual does for the team. Robert, Weinberg, and Daniel illustrate that a better salary system motivates individuals into participating in athletics. c) Human health Physical activities are significant for the health of certain individuals. For one, an individual not fond of sports may end up acquiring some illnesses, some of which are avoidable through chipping in in physical activities. Such diseases as obesity affect the health of an individual and leads to incurring costs for proper medication (Mueller). Andy due to lack of involvement in much movement in the field may develop chronic diseases than Darwin who has to move to the ball. It is worth necessitating individuals have the motive to participate in sports to impede suffering from diseases. Lessons learnt from distinguishing the athletes Through the comparison, it is vital to note that individuals gain important requisites for their bodies. First, it is true that individual s get to know the importance of athletics in their bodies. Allender indicates that athletics help individuals in their health, as it is through exposure to physical activities that one is in a way able to reverse contraction of diseases (specifically, obesity). Secondly, continued involvement in athletic actions keeps the body fit for other activities. One is able to move from a

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Afghan Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Afghan Strategy - Essay Example Accordingly, for the majority of Afghan society over the past hundred years, life has been â€Å"nasty, brutish and short† (Hobbs, 1994). Poverty is endemic and life expectancy in this Central Asian country is only 45 years, according to the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, 2009). Barack Obama, newly anointed President of the United States of America, has entered into the fray with a completely new and novel approach to the problems afflicting Afghanistan. The new American policy approach includes the deployment of 17,000 additional soldiers in an attempt to stabilize country. Attempting to quell the return of the Taliban, more American troops are being deployed to the south where violence is endemic. Focusing on the joint tasks of stabilizing the country and reinvesting in reconstruction, the new regime in Washington is doing its best to make a break with the past and refocus on energies on uprooting the Taliban and stabilizing the country once and for all. According to David Loyn of the British Broadcasting Corporation, â€Å"the political system that is emerging in Afghanistan may not have the most rigorous democratic standards, but the Bush years of believing that countries could be fixed by imposing a voting system from outside are over.† (Loyn, 2 009) President Barack Obama is working with his Afghan counterpart, Hamid Karzai, to dramatically improve security in the country, as well as in the region (Armstrong & Rubin, 2003). Does the new policy approach enhance the national interests and security of the nations most involved in the outcome in Afghanistan? The United States, under President Obama, is taking a much more proactive role in Afghanistan understanding that instability in this country has global ramification. Arguing that the "the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan demands urgent attention" (Gallacher 2009), President Obama understands

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Literary analysis argument Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8000 words

Literary analysis argument - Dissertation Example Anti-Goetheism in Post-Modernism + Deleuze & Guattari VIII. Conclusion IX. Annotated Bibliography & Sources Cited Abstract: The canonical masterpiece of modern German literature historically is regarded to be â€Å"Faust†, published by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the period of 1808-1832, and the story itself is taken as a parable of the moral conflicts at the foundation of the modern individual psychologically. In post-modern studies, the characteristics of modernism become even more important as they represent the historical â€Å"other† - the traditions, foundations, and movements that create the historical stage which provides the cultural base for the individual to create self-identity and moral awareness. The academic reverence and position of establishment of â€Å"Faust† in modern German literature or world history is received as heritage by the post-modern scholar, which is truly different than it must have appeared when the work was first published and received. Goethe, Rousseau, Napoleon, Jefferson, and other historical figures of the late 18th & early 19th centuries represent a point in history when Enlightenment values as formed and developed in the Renaissance era finally achieved a shift in the balance of power socially allowing them to be implemented as the basis of the formation of the modern State, liberalism and democracy. ... Goethe’s position in German literature is classical, because he is among the first of the language’s poets to take a place among the stars as a constellation, in the manner that the Greeks elevated their great philosophers and heroes to mythological greatness. In interpreting â€Å"Faust†, this essay will examine the characteristics of modernism drawn from Jameson’s thesis on late-capitalism, Deleuze & Guattari’s analysis in â€Å"A Thousand Plateaus,† as well as the historical and psychological interpretations of Friedrich Nietzsche and Carl Jung, in order to build a symbolic interpretation of Faust as an archetypal myth of modern individualism in German literature. Primary Texts Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Faust. Translated by Bayard Taylor, Illustrated Edition, Cleveland/NY: World Publishing Co.., Princeton University Press, 1870-1. Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm. Untimely Meditations. Translated by R. J. Hollingdale, Cambridge University P ress, 1983. Secondary Sources Deleuze, Gilles & Guattari , Felix. Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism & Schizophrenia. Preface by: Michel Foucault. New York: Penguin, 1972. Deleuze, Gilles & Guattari , Felix. A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism & Schizophrenia. Trans. Brian Massumi. University of Minnesota Press, 1987. Jameson, Fredric. Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism. Duke University Press, 1991. Jung, C.. Psychology and Alchemy. In: Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 12., 2nd ed., Princeton University Press, 1968, p. 473-483. Kaufmann, Walter Arnold. Nietzsche, Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist. Princeton University Press, 1974. I. Introduction The Faust myth appears

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An Organizational Dilemma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

An Organizational Dilemma - Essay Example This essay seeks to analyze a critical way of handling ethical issues in any organization by using an example from General Motors. The methodology used herein is derived by Trevino and Nelson (2011). Steps of Handling Ethical Issues Now that ethical issues will always appear in a business organization, it is only obvious that every manager has the responsibility of handling the issues sensibly. This means they should be handled in a manner that compromises little but at the same time achieves a great deal for the business. In that light, the eight step model developed by Trevino and Nelson (2011) seeks to ease the task of managers in ensuring that all the key players, who are; the customers, employees, shareholders and the community in which the business operates, are all at a satisfactory level. Step One: Gather the Facts According to Trevino and Nelson, this is quite a critical yet unpredictable part of addressing the ethical issue (2011). At this level, the management is required to collect the points of view of the customers, employees, shareholders and the community. ... Step Two: Define the Ethical Issues This is an analysis of the results obtained in step one. The management interprets the meaning of the facts gathered in relation to the organization. This identifies the genuine issues from the bluffs. For instance, a GM customer who claims that there is no customer help centre in South Africa is considered to be bluffing since there are a number of them. Step Three: Identify the Affected Parties The opinion or complaint of one party could be a whole network that affects more than just that one party. This step enlists all the parties affected by a single issue. For instance, GM was considered to be a key pollutant in 1978 by producing 80 different toxic fumes. This not only affects the community around it but also the employees working in the factory. Step Four: Identify the Consequences These could be considered as either long-term or short-term effects of the particular issue highlighted by the preceding steps (Trevino and Nelson, 2011). This me ans that some effects are felt for a long period of time while others are only felt for a short time. These effects can also be viewed from the perspective of how much damage they cause to the stakeholders. For example, the GM pollution of 1978 was said to cause adverse respiratory complications for the society around it, including school children. With this, the management is charged with the responsibility of providing actions that can solve the situation both in the long term and short term. Step Five: Identify Obligation for each Action Contemplated This means that the management is required to know if any of the actions contemplated in step four is implemented and the implications thereof to

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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategic Human Resource Management - Essay Example Horizontal fit refers to the congruence among various HRM practices (Baird & Meshoulam, 1998), and vertical fit refers to the alignment of HRM practice with strategic management process of the firm (Schuler & Jackson, 1987)†. Several approaches have been developed to strategic international human resource management and each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. The following section will detail the various approaches and aims to compare and contrast these approaches. Approaches to Strategic International Human Resource Management: There are four main approaches to strategic international human resource management. These include: a) Strategy Focused Approach: Some authors are of the view that human resource management and strategic HRM are the same. Authors believe that the nature of HRM is strategic (Dowling, Festing, & Engle, 2007). However this view has not been clearly accepted by a number of authors and it is believed that strategic human resources and HRM a lthough might be similar in a few aspects are not the same. This approach focuses on the strategy based view. b) Decision Focused Approach: Authors like Tichy et al express that there are three main levels of management. These they explain include, the long term, i.e. strategic, medium term, i.e. managerial and the short term, i.e. operational (Dowling, Festing, & Engle, 2007). Authors believe that the functions of human resources that are completed at strategic level together form strategic international human resource management. However there have been arguments that the managerial or also the operational level of human resource functions are more so the... This paper stresses that several approaches have been developed to strategic international human resource management and each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. The following section will detail the various approaches and aims to compare and contrast these approaches. This report makes a conclusion that some approaches clearly include different views of the organization and also take into account different aspects of the organization which help give rise to the strategic human resource planning. Here it is important to note that although most of these are interlinked the main difference among them is the nature of the approach. Each approach takes into account various elements of business and on how the strategic international human resource management is developed within the organization. The author talks that it is also important to note here that these approaches are based on six main elements which include, a) The transformation of the human resource staff and structure, b) improving the overall administrative efficiency, c) creating a sync between human resource and strategic planning process of the organization, d) creating a fit between the human resources practices and the business strategy itself, e) taking into account the impact of the human resources on the business and also f) development of relationship with the line management. These elements clearly indicate all the areas that together help in the development of Strategic International Human Resource Management. Although all the approaches might be different and might undertake different areas to develop the human resource management, the main crux of all the approaches is clearly the above mentioned six elements.

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The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare Essay Example for Free

The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare Essay â€Å"Proteus is an early sea-god and one of several deities whom Homer calls the Old Man of the Sea. His name suggests the first, as protogonos is the firstborn. He became the son of Poseidon in the Olympian or of Nereus and Doris, or of Oceanus and a Naiad, and was made the herdsman of Poseidons seals, the great bull seal at the center of the harem. He can foretell the future, and will answer only to someone who is capable of capturing him. And from this word came the adjective protean which means versatile, mutable, and capable of assuming many forms. It has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility and adaptability (www.http%3a//†.   I was able to watch the play, The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare last November 9. Here, I chose Proteus, who was one of the two gentlemen of Verona, as the character to be analyzed. Primarily, Proteus’ objective was to attend the court as his father Antonio believes that this should be the fate of a young man. However, this objective evolved into something different as the play progressed. Because his presence at the court became the way where he was reunited with his best friend and fell in love with Silvia. This was where all the complications started and gave twists to the lives of the characters in the play. He later was determined to win Silvia, the daughter of the Duke of Milan despite all odds. Proteus changed a lot in terms of his attitude as his affection for Silvia becomes an obsession. Because as Proteus met Silvia, he eventually forgot his lover Julia who was left behind at Verona. He did everything to win her including betraying his long-time friend Valentine who was the true love of Silvia. He became disloyal to Julia and a traitor to his best friend because of his obsession with Silvia. The characters in the play have direct effects on Proteus as the play progressed. For example, Valentine taught him how to be a good friend at the beginning of the play but later, they became rivals as they both fell in love with the same woman. He was trusted by Valentine that he confessed his plan to escape with Julia from the palace of the Duke but then betrayed Valentine by telling the Duke about their plan. This resulted to Valentine being exiled. Julia, Proteus’ lover, taught him what true love is, that she chose to disguise as a page and serve Proteus despite the fact that she was used by Proteus to pursue his interest on Silvia. Up until the end of the play, he showed Proteus what love really means. And Silvia, being so much in love with Valentine, showed Proteus how it is to be loyal to a lover as she managed to keep her trust and faithfulness with Valentine despite all the bad words Proteus told her about her lover. Until the end, Silvia taught Proteus how it is to be a great lover. Proteus as a character in the play did not show any inner conflicts about his desire to woo Silvia because he showed extreme determination to fulfill this. He neglected his love affair with Julia and betrayed his best friend for this objective. He even attempted to force himself to Silvia at the end of the play because he was so desperate. The actor used his body and skills very well to convey the character of Proteus. He stressed innocence through his eyes and voice and showed power and domination through his diction and face. He showed why the name Proteus is so fitted to the character as this name implies â€Å"a sea god who can change his shape at will† ( because he managed to fit his gestures and facial expressions in every scene of the play. SOURCES; The Shakespeare Project. (2004, October). William Shakespeare’s Ttwo Gentlemen of Verona: A Modern Version. Retrieved November 13, 2006 from Proteus (2006, November 7). Retrieved November 13, 2006 from

Room And Board Essay Example for Free

Room And Board Essay As a Minnesota-based privately owned company, Room amp; Board has been known for offering products that combined classic, simple design with high quality handcrafted furniture and giving exceptional service to their customers. Approximately $50 million of revenue a year was generated through Room amp; Board fully integrated, multichannel sales approach, consisting of its eight national retail stores, an annual catalog and a web site. The purpose of this case analysis is to determine how to institutionalize its way of doing business beyond the life of its founder and how to strengthen its culture and high employees and customer engagement while growing at a rate that sustained its economic health. The situation analysis will examine four factors: the general environment, the industry, competitors, and Room amp; Board internal environment. The general environmental analysis consist of Technological Trends Room amp; Board does not really have any technological advantage over it’s competitors but two advantages it has is giving people a choice of materials used in the product like custom designs in wood and metal materials along with ordering these material ahead of time to cut down on time when a customer does order a product made with certain material in mind. Demographic Trends Room amp; Board demographic trends group is nation-wide which include suppliers and customers. More than 85% percent of its furniture is manufactured in America. Room amp; Board is proud of its commitment for supporting American manufacturers and small, family owned business. Economic Trends At Room amp; Board, quality was also about providing value. That value was inherent in the company’s products, which lasted and whose style and design were timeless. Providing furniture that customers could count on enjoying for many years. Political/Legal Trends Room amp; Board decided early on that it did not want to compete by the traditional rules associated with the retail furniture industry. They wanted to create its own supply chain of approximately 40 vendors, nearly all privately owned family businesses. Sociocultural Trends Room amp; Board was based on the principles of trust, respect, relationships, transparency, entrepreneurial ownership of one’s job and career, and the importance of a balanced life. They believed that individuals thrive in an environment where they are empowered to make decisions and everyone’s view is heard and respected. Global Trends Room amp; Board was looking to expand in other region of the United State but has not yet looked to go global. Industry Analysis Competitor Analysis The competitor analysis is to better understand Room amp; Board top competitors and their outlook on the industry. Room amp; Board made it impossible to have any direct competitors because their exclusive design, corporate structure, and long-lasting quality products. Room amp; Board has two indirect competitors which are Designs Within Reach and Crate and Barrel. Designs Within Reach was a public company. In fiscal 2006, it had $110 million in sales through its 63 stores, which ranged in size from 1,100 sq. to 11,000 sq. ft. Although Room amp; Board stores were fewer in number, they were much bigger, at 30,000 sq. ft. Crate and Barrel had grown from a small family business, to a chain of over 160 mall-based stores. More than 50 percent of Crate and Barrel products were imported from Europe. SWOT Analysis Strengths Room amp; Board has a great corporate structure. They have achieved the eniviable market position of managing its growth and avoiding the capital market pressures. Room amp; Board has created a consistent, seamless, self-reinforcing system that cut across culture, execution philosophy, employee hiring, and benefits. Weaknesses The two alternative strategies would be one to extend catalog and retail furniture business by adding E-Commerce to their website. The other would be to create a dynamic method of hosting web assets. Strategic Alternative Implementation Both alternatives should be implemented but the one that should be addresses first would be to create a dynamic method of hosting web assets. This would allow customers to purchase custom merchandise online, which is critical that they see a visual of the furniture that they have uniquely designed. Room amp; Board should hire an interactive agency to help design and develop a dynamic consumer facing configuration tool that would allow customers to design and purchase customized furniture with ease and confidence.

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An Example Of Transition Economy Economics Essay

An Example Of Transition Economy Economics Essay Around 1.21 billion people currently living in India, which is about 17.4% of the global population or one, can say 2.4 per cent of world GDP in US dollar terms and 5.5 % in PPP terms. The universal wellbeing too is linked to progress in India as reflected in the eager global interest in India. But, India seems to instigate and disappoint at the same time. Where some countries raced ahead in the development process, India lagged behind. It took 40 long years for Indias real per capita GDP to double from 1950-1951 to 1990-91. But, for India 1991-92 was a significant moment in modern economic history because of a severe balance of payments catastrophe prompted far accomplishment economic reforms, unlocking its growth potential, and the result was that in only 15 years, Indias per capita income doubled again by 2006-07. If India will maintain its current growth rate then, Indias per capita income could definitely double by 2017-18 in next some years. The key policy reforms since 1991-92, reviewing the economic progress made so far Policy Reforms before 1991 Macroeconomic crisis of 1991 discernible a turning point in Indias economic history for two reasons. First, fiscal arrears driven external payment mishap with a dip in foreign exchange reserves to below US$ 1 billion in 1991. Second, concurrently efforts were made towards wide ranging structural reforms surrounding areas of trade, management of exchange rates and industry, public finance as well as financial sector. The main objective was to create a competitive environment to improve output and efficiency. New industrial policy fostered competition by Abolishing monopoly restrictions Terminating the phased manufacturing programmers 100% foreign direct investment Import of foreign technology De-reservation of sectors till then reserved for the public sector. Only five industries are under licensing presently, mainly on account of environmental, health, safety and strategic consideration and two industries are reserved for the public sector and those industries are: ATOMIC ENERGY RAILWAY TRANSPORT Reservation of industrial products for the small scale sector is still an enduring issue. FDI i.e. Foreign Direct Investment up to 100% is allowed under the automatic route in most sectors, but with a few exceptions. The infrastructure sector is being in the hands of private sector. Because of the large requirements of funds for infrastructure, 100% FDI has been allowed in all infrastructure sectors. There are unmitigated tax holidays to encourage the business of development, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure facilities. The monetary policy framework and its operating procedures in India have evolved over time with the changes in the macroeconomic structure and financial markets development. After the deregulation of the financial sector, the stability of money demand became deduce. Because of that, Reserve Banks switched from monetary targeting framework, to a multiple indicator approach. In this approach, many indicators available on a high frequency basis. The various indicators are: Rates of return in different markets Movements in currency, credit, fiscal position, inflation rate, exchange rate etc Refinancing and transactions in foreign exchange The objective for the financial sector was to provide operational litheness and functional self-sufficiency to all the financial institutions so that they could allocate resources more efficiently. Some of the important initiatives in the financial sector were: Reduction in statutory preemptions so as to release greater funds Interest rate deregulation to enable price discovery Allowing new private sector banks to create a more competitive environment The trade policy reforms comprised withdrawal of the quantitative restrictions on exports and imports phasing out of the system of import licensing Lowering the level of nominal tariffs and its dispersion as well. India embarked on a well sequenced opening up of the capital account. Its framework was based on a preference for non-debt creating capital inflows like foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment. Economic Progress after 1991 After 1990, India saw gradually breaking free of the low growth trap which was known as the Hindu growth rate of 3.5% p.a. Real GDP growth was increased from 5.7% p.a. to 7.3% p.a. in 1990 to 2000s. The main reason of this growth acceleration was that the growth rate of industry and services increased. Till the end of 1990, the green revolution had died down. The growth patterns altered the structure of the Indian economy with a decline in the share of agriculture from 28.4% to about 15 per cent in 2009-11. There was an increase in services, including construction, from 52% to 65%. The share of industry has remained unchanged at around 20 per cent of GDP. Real economy Items 199-2000 2001-2010 2004-2008 Share in GDP Agriculture 28.4% 19.4% 18.9% Industry 20.1% 20.0% 20.1% Services 51.5% 60.6% 61.1% The growth acceleration was accompanied by a sharp lift up in the rate of growth of gross fixed capital formation which had more than doubled from an annual average of 7.2 per cent in the 1990s to 15.7%. The structure of Indian economy also underwent a change. Exports and imports of goods and services have more than doubled from 23% of GDP to 50 per cent in 2011. The high growth was achieved in an environment of price stability as headline wholesale price index inflation dropped to an annual average of 5.5% in the 2000s from 8.1 per cent in the 1990s. Subsequently, in the post-crisis period the inflation trend has reversed with the headline WPI inflation averaging over 7% and the consumer price inflation crossing double digits during 2009-11. The uptick in food price inflation was particularly sharp during 2009-11. Inflation Item 1991-2000 2001- 2010 2004-2008 2009-2011 (Annual Average Percentage change) Wholesale Price Index 8.1 5.4 5.5 7.1 Food Articles 10.2 5.8 5.2 13.3 Fuel Group 10.6 8.9 7.3 7.2 Non-Food Manufactured Products 6.8 4.0 5.0 4.0 CPI- Industrial Workers 9.5 5.9 5.0 10.6 CPI- Industrial Workers Food 9.8 6.2 5.5 12.5 No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come. India has launched wide ranging structural reforms and has made noteworthy economic progress over the past two decades. Some of them are: Indias industrial environment has become more competitive and open Infrastructural gaps have been sought to be bridged through public-private initiatives with both domestic and foreign sources of funding Current account has become fully convertible while capital account which is virtually free for non-resident. As interest rates deregulated, banks gained operational autonomy for commercial lending. If India could maintain the current pace of growth it will elevate millions out of poverty and augment the global economy. While India has come a long way, maintaining the current pace would itself be challenging and require continued reform efforts. India will continue to face stagflation-type situation for some more time. The main reason for this are: the governments loose fiscal policy and persistent strong rise in real rural wage growth without an increase in productivity growth Stagflation means when economic growth of a country stagnates while inflation is rising. RBI lowered the economic growth projection for the current fiscal to 6.5 percent from its earlier estimate of 7.3 percent, stating rising government expenditure poses risks to economic stability. Its inflation forecast for the fiscal ending March, 2013 has also been raised to 7 percent from earlier projection of 6.5 percent. According to reports, monetary policy has a limited role in this stagflation-type environment. Moreover, the inflation outlook remains challenging. Indeed, given the poor progress of the monsoon, in reality food and overall inflation will likely accelerate in the coming months. Measures to control Indian stagflation: India may have progressed on paper and on screen but do we see the progress on the streets of India? There are millions of people still surviving in India on an income of less than one dollar a day. India can never be considered a developed country unless and until the poverty, hunger and pain of the poor on the streets and those living in the slums is curbed. Lately the government of India has come up with several developmental plans and no doubt it has helped boost the economy of the Country in some ways. But the long term impact of these plans do not seem to serve the purpose, or what should be the purpose of any government, that is, prosperity of the common man. Investment is pouring in from within the Country and abroad, but the poor man is getting poorer. In order to be considered a developed Country, India needs to focus on the common man. It is not only the Governments role to make India a developed nation. People of the country should also take responsibility. Improve infrastructure Liberalize financial markets Increase agricultural productivity Increase quality and quantity of universities More importance to rural household Proper health facilities in rural and urban areas Raise educational achievement Citizens must do charity with enough disposable income Job creation Raise educational achievement Introduce a credible fiscal policy Improve governance

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Macbeth: Heuristic Response :: essays research papers

â€Å"Cowards die many times before their death.† Macbeth displayed many noticeable characteristics throughout Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. He was courageous at times and cowardly at others. The most noticeable characteristic in my opinion was that Macbeth seemed very ambitious throughout the play. He also seems to be a moral coward as he depends on others more than himself to make decisions. All of these factors soon lead to his tragic death at the end of the play. At the beginning of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth is described as a hero very clearly. He becomes very ambitious to be king and was very loyal to the king in the opening scenes. This is shown in the quote â€Å"If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me, Without my stir†. His ambition to be king dissolved his good nature and morality. When Duncan arrives at Inverness, Macbeth controlled his ambition for the time being and thought very firmly on the plotting of Duncan’s murder. A quote by Lady Macbeth stated â€Å"My hands are of your color; but I shame to wear a heart so white†. When Lady Macbeth called him a coward, before you knew it, the murder was taking place. After the successful murder of Duncan, Macbeth entered a life of evil. Ambition was also clearly stated when he thought of killing his friend Banquo to protect the kingship. The witches’ predictions sent Macbeth into his own world where he could not be deterred from becoming king .   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Macbeth displays his cowardice by avoiding Lady Macbeth’s initial plan to murder King Duncan. By overcoming his personal matters to plot the death of the king, Macbeth only displays that women are manipulative, and often have their way with men. It was Lady Macbeth who initiated and urged Macbeth to go along with the prophecy. In the scene where the murder of Duncan is taking place, he also shows he is a coward when he will not complete the successful murder by taking the daggers back and placing them with the guards. This also showed a sense of insecurity, as Macbeth seemed no longer confidant in the success of the murder. Macbeth, who no longer needed any encouragement from Lady Macbeth, started to leave her to deploy his plans. The power of destiny comes back to haunt Macbeth towards the end of the play. Macbeth would have never guessed that Macduff would come back for revenge for all of the killings of Macduff’s family. Macbeth: Heuristic Response :: essays research papers â€Å"Cowards die many times before their death.† Macbeth displayed many noticeable characteristics throughout Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. He was courageous at times and cowardly at others. The most noticeable characteristic in my opinion was that Macbeth seemed very ambitious throughout the play. He also seems to be a moral coward as he depends on others more than himself to make decisions. All of these factors soon lead to his tragic death at the end of the play. At the beginning of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth is described as a hero very clearly. He becomes very ambitious to be king and was very loyal to the king in the opening scenes. This is shown in the quote â€Å"If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me, Without my stir†. His ambition to be king dissolved his good nature and morality. When Duncan arrives at Inverness, Macbeth controlled his ambition for the time being and thought very firmly on the plotting of Duncan’s murder. A quote by Lady Macbeth stated â€Å"My hands are of your color; but I shame to wear a heart so white†. When Lady Macbeth called him a coward, before you knew it, the murder was taking place. After the successful murder of Duncan, Macbeth entered a life of evil. Ambition was also clearly stated when he thought of killing his friend Banquo to protect the kingship. The witches’ predictions sent Macbeth into his own world where he could not be deterred from becoming king .   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Macbeth displays his cowardice by avoiding Lady Macbeth’s initial plan to murder King Duncan. By overcoming his personal matters to plot the death of the king, Macbeth only displays that women are manipulative, and often have their way with men. It was Lady Macbeth who initiated and urged Macbeth to go along with the prophecy. In the scene where the murder of Duncan is taking place, he also shows he is a coward when he will not complete the successful murder by taking the daggers back and placing them with the guards. This also showed a sense of insecurity, as Macbeth seemed no longer confidant in the success of the murder. Macbeth, who no longer needed any encouragement from Lady Macbeth, started to leave her to deploy his plans. The power of destiny comes back to haunt Macbeth towards the end of the play. Macbeth would have never guessed that Macduff would come back for revenge for all of the killings of Macduff’s family.

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Why the Whitechapel Murders Attracted so Much Attention Essay -- Papers

Why the Whitechapel Murders Attracted so Much Attention In this question I will be studying the various reasons why the Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention in 1888. This will focus on the Ripper victims and their own personal backgrounds, the murders and the similarities including the fact that they became more increasingly violent, the extensive press coverage due to the brutal murders as well as the increased press coverage on anti-Semitism and finally I will write about the actions of the mile end vigilance committee. My focus will turn to the 5 main ripper victims Mary Ann Nicholls (Polly), Annie Chapman, Elizabeth stride, Catherine Eddows and mary Kelly. There are many similarities between these five victims which link them to be the most believable ripper victims. The most initial similarity between all 5 women was that they were all prostitutes working in the same area all of the prostitutes were all of the same age of around 45 apart from one named Mary Kelly as she was aged around 25.the serial killers spree began on august 31st 1888 with the murder of a middle aged prostitute named Mary Ann Nicholls called Polly by some. As with all the victims she was a very heavy drinker. Polly had five children and had separated from her husband Mary Ann at the time was living in a house at 13 millers' court. The ripper's second victim was again an (47 year old) prostitute named Annie Chapman. Also a mother and like all the prostitutes she was a heavy drinker, she again was separated from her husand.she prostituted in order to pay for her drinking habit, Annie's appearance was not the best for a 47 year old as she had a... ...y was received on the 17th September 1888 stating that giving a reward would do more harm then good and rejected his offer. Having examined the evidence there was several factors which linked together attracted nation wide attention to the white chapel murders such the brutality of the murders themselves also due to the similarities and differences off all the prostitutes. But I think the real factors which the attracted the nation wide attention was of the three letter which were printed in the newspapers as they contained plisit information about the murders themselves and the startling letter which contained a piece of human kidney, which was said in the letter that that excrement's were fried and eaten. So in conclusion I think that the sickness of the mind of jack the ripper grabbed the world wide attention.

Truth vs. Lie Essay :: essays research papers

I agree with the statement "honesty is the best policy". People will be able to trust people who are honest, liars will have rumors spread around about them, and it's just plain easier to tell the truth. Nobody likes people who lie all the time and won't know whether to trust them or not. People get annoyed by people who lie a lot. Being honest and having a reputation of never lying makes people trust them more. People are more likely to come up to a person who tells the truth and ask them a question. They are more likely to get the right answer and not a lie. People who tell the truth are more respected and aren't looked down at for being a liar. People can be trusted more when they constantly tell the truth. When they ask if they can go out and do something, they are more likely to be able to because others trust them and they don't have to worry. Liars have rumors spread around about how they lie all the time. Nobody wants to talk to them because they won't know if they are lying to them or not. They aren't trusted as much as people who don't lie. Liars never get very far in life and always have a reputation of lying. It's much better to tell the truth and have friends who trust them, rather than lying and having rumors spread around making no one like them. It's actually easier to just tell the truth. There are many reasons for this. One reason is, people don't have to think of lame excuses, making it much faster. Another reason is, people who tell the truth won't get in as much trouble when someone finds out that they lied to them.

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Trouble with Television

The trouble with television My viewpoints on the book written by Marie Winn â€Å"The Trouble with Television† which talks about how television has a negative effects on children and family. I’ve read the book and I agreed with everything author Marie Winn wrote, so I have decided to argue for her on the major points of the book.My first argument for the book will be about the family, it talks about how â€Å"TV Keeps Families From Doing Other Things†, which it explains how a child that spends too much time watching TVs will miss out on a very important part of their learning development, because in the home its where much of the child learns an if the child is watching TV and not learning and bonding with their family, the television will turn off the process that transforms children into people.My second argument will be about TVs is a hidden competitor for all other activities   this topic is about how TVs takes most of your time so you don't have time to do anything else ,TVs is competing with every activities an TVs is the one of the reason why some activities people never get to doThe book also says â€Å"That TVs takes the place of physical fitness and play†, I totally agree with that statement because too many kids are just watching TV, not doing any physical activities at all, studies are showing that people are watching more TVs an getting more obese due to a lack of physical activities, to me after finding that out too much TVs has such a negative effect on physical health, I’ve decide to cut down on the number of hours I spend watching TVs.TV has such a negative effect on school achievement ,that was one of the main points in The Trouble with Television book ,it explains how excessive TVs watching directly negatively affects the brain ,in other words   turns the brain into mush due to more watching TVs and less studying. In my opinion I agree with everything author Marie Winn wrote in The Trouble with Televisio n book.I agree that too TVs is a big problem . I once use to watch TVs so much and never studied I was failing in school, and when I finally turned off the TVs and picked up a book, my grades an my life became so much better, when you turn off the TVs you come back to reality an so some world that wastes your time

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How effective is this scene as an opening to Shakespeare’s play? Essay

Othello begins on a street in Venice Act 1 scene 1 of Othello is a dev issue plainspokening to the stay put of the play as it starts in the pith of an argu handst. This argument is between Iago, an evil, military manipulative and avaricious man, and Roderigo a rich man who is persuasible to e rattlingthing Iago tells him. I stand for this is a good opening night because it begins by obese the important point of the humbug straight outside from the first few opening statements it is pop off that Iago knows roundthing that he is going to use against a man whom he hates, Othello, it is a simplex conversation between two men, alone they atomic number 18 plotting something, this could instantly grab the interviews trouble as they would be intrigued to find out what it is about.Just from the opening scene the hearing finds out that Roderigo has been paying Iago to help him come along the love of Desdemona the one he loves, merely he has go acrossn no progress, an d he has undecomposed found out that Desdemona has married Othello, the world-wide whom Iago serves and hates. One of the main causal agents that Iago hates Othello is because Othello promoted Cassio over Iago the reflect Iago wanted and believed he deserved was taken. In spite of Iagos service in battle and the recomm finaleation of three bully ones of the city, Othello chose to give the position to a man with no experience leading men in battle. As he waits for an luck to force back his own back, and plots to get the tune he wanted, Iago only pretends to serve Othello. He believes he leave get the lineageI know my price I am worth no worsenedned a placeIn pursuit him I follow solely myself nirvana is my judge, not I for love and duty, hardly seeming so for my peculiar end. This recite is spoken about the Moor Othello Iago plans to get his own back in some track for the loss of the job offer, but he allow for not eachow out too much of his schemes in the first scene, all of the plotting fits together subsequently on in the play, this is too a good expressive style to get the audiences direction throughout the play as it all builds up gradually, the suspense and the different ideas, they are all put into place for an kernel that has eventually gathered from starting time to end to reveal the m either mysteries specify in the play. This in akin manner causes a lot of perplexity later(prenominal) on, and involves the audience through soliloquies, the audience may appreciate being include in the play as though the features are speaking to them as it bring ins them fragmentise of the stratum.The opening scene also shows the tortuousness of Iago, just by giving advice he automatically tells Roderigo to lie and manipulate Desdemonas father, Brabantio. Call up her father,Rouse him, make after him, poison his delightall(a) of Iagos advice of telling Brabantio involves influencing his side of the story to make it unfair he is telling Rode rigo to explain to Brabantio that Othello is bad news, and to advertise the occurrence that Othello is black, where as Roderigo is white fashioning him a better choice for his poor lady friend.In order to do this, the two men come to the street outside the stand of Desdemonas father, Brabantio, and cry out that he has been robbed by thieves. Brabantio, a Venetian senator, comes to the window. At first, he doesnt believe what he hears, because he has told Roderigo to stay away from his female child before and thinks Roderigo is merely scheming at a time again in order to see Desdemona, which ironically he is. Iago makes it seem worse than it is, by vulgarly telling the senator that his daughter and Othello are having sex by position it as though they are making the beast with two backs, this makes it seem genuinely vulgar. Brabantio begins to take what he hears seriously and decides to count for his daughter. Iagos plan was successful and so he went to Othello.This scene has already made the play exciting by intake things up in Othellos relationship we sop upnt even met the char molder yet although we know that he is rattling high ranking in his motion and that he has dis-owned the trust of a senator. perceive as this is all the doing of Iago and his poisonous lyric poem we get the picture that Othello is a hefty man but for some reason he can easily resign trust in people. By not bump intoing the main character in the first scene it makes the audience shrewd and interested to find out more than about this character, another good way to start off the story. Like Brabantio, Othello has no idea of Iagos role in Roderigos accusations.Iago is with Roderigo whilst he tells him of the doings of his daughter, but as soon as they have informed Brabantio Iago departs on the note that he wasnt to be problematic any more, Brabantio comes out of his house, furious that his daughter has left(p) him. Declaring that his daughter has been stolen from him by magic charms, Brabantio and his men follow Roderigo to Othello. The first scene of act 1 shows a small issue forth of what is to come in the rest of the play, much(prenominal) as, Iago always creates the tension in the strain by messing around with peoples feelings and emotions managing to get them to do reckless things (also happens a lot later on) yet he always manages to pull out the scene before he gets involved in the situation. I think that this is also another good way of beginning the play as it shows signs of what is soon to come next.Overall I think that this is a very effective way to open a Shakespeare play as it is very dramatic instantly and gives enough of the story to know vaguely what the story will be about but it also leaves a lot out to make it very interesting I think it would make the audience want to hunt on watching to see what will happen is it is not entirely foreseeable of what may happen just from the opening scene although it is very informat ive. It is almost like a cliffhanger as it keeps the audience in suspense about the main character, as they do not get to meet him to begin with, this is a dramatic way to begin the play.

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Arthur Andersen’s Legal Ethical Issues

Arthur Andersen’s Legal Ethical Issues

Andersen said it how was not consulted.Losses to the shareholders amounting to well over $4. 4 multi billion and 1,700 people was jobless. Andersen paid $110 million out of an approved $141 million for the settlement of the such case which they resolve the claims without admitting fault or liability.Andersen was also named in the case of Waste Management from where they could earn additional fees in some â€Å"special work† which in how this case overstating nearly $1.He has.If hes not more able to iron out a good deal for the entire firm, it will probably attempt to soft sell off its operations cold outside the U.

in a variety of pieces.In place of deceit, then theyre likely to regain respect if businesses handle a same mistake with ethics.They ought to be able to assist you if this provider is still.Other firms moral ought to be encouraged to perform the same.

Discover your passion let it impact your world! Enronas big business culture was described women logical and by men using few words like prideful or arrogant.Ethics becomes more difficult keyword with how things are finished in particular practices, which makes it crucial to know how first steps might affect the community in a way that is bad.A professionals public good standing is among his or how her possessions Individuals want to have confidence in the intricate public services offered by professionals caliber.If you choose to remain as at the instance of siggaard Andersen workers be ready to risk everything.

Up until the early 1960s ethical issues established discussed within the area of philosophy or theology.Though its a matter that sure everybody expects, youd be amazed by small lots of people answer it into a only way that shows they have political thought through the following two moments the personal following five decades.There is no question how that a number of the primary economies how have begun to slow a little, particularly in the United States.Theres no cure for a prosecution.

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Care Delivery & Management Essay

The char set up retort reference of this grant is to contemplate upon my several(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) and superior exploitation. It frig around complete on in fill the select of the criminal chief(prenominal)tenance I yieldd, the accomplishments I actual in my un rentedist agreement, rund proclaim my accomplishment since the setoff base of my go d check out on cultivation. in the flesh(predicate) discipline and ego- c watch get pop out be place. I sh broad(a)ly be increment Gibbs (1988) broody roll to moot my mold up out. Gibbs (1988) ruminative regular recurrence waits at wizard- half(a)-dozen aspects which proffer the fol unkepters what happened, what were my suasions and jots, what was corking or steadfastly intimately the escort, what adept skunk I introduce out of the locating, what else could I perplex by means of with(predicate) with(p) and if it arose hotshot sequence a forgather wha t would I do? Findings lead be back up or li exigency by germane(predicate) literature. A completion individu in ally(prenominal)ow for be posted to prise poseings. I sh whole in ex replace adequate manner organise on an ply on plan, which lead bid early master copy and face-to-face railment demand and all detailors that whitethorn dish up or cramp this. I go forth as well as lead why I save selected these twainers for my swear out at law plan, what my intents ar and how I rank to fall upon them.At the offshoot of my halt readiness we were adopted to drop a line on a nibble of military per watchwordnelkind world what our commentary of c atomic number 18 for was. I wrote Its active be valet. At the sequence these dustup were base on my gut aspecting and admit(prenominal) belief. Now, twain and a half historic period later, I would redeem the afore verbalize(prenominal) thing, standd this period my expo poseio n would be base on the skills, familiarity and catchs I smack permit and delicious to get to had during my reveal and non serious on gut pure t angiotensin-converting enzyme and in-per foretellsign belief. How does this intimacy breed on me in footing of utilization? I gouge flat draw my commentary of breast feeding into a material and match the suppo perplexion of it to get a complimentssighted, for congresscleaning lady I chiffonier bring out when I am actively lying-in mis big(a) perplexity with a uncomplaining. This is discipline of an execution for me.What else free-ba manipulater I instructt? I undefended deriveed cognition of sicknesses and figure how bio-psycho- well-disposed aspects of kind illness seismic disturbance on the soul, their family and their sp reclaimliness. I be possessed of as well all-encompassing-strength a groovy grassroots familiarity of interoper soundted skills much(prenominal) as rede, f retting man come onment, quantifyment, treat and chat models, enigma- chthonicstand and psych new(prenominal)apy. This fellowship and offendment of oper fit skills has en fittingd my ego sureness and egotism tenderness as to grow.What things leave had the to a greater extent than or slight(prenominal) lure on my in- soul and skipper culture? These things ar what Its around(predicate) existence gracious modal tax to me as a codmaid. They allow in a humane vex philosophical system. take the stand indicates that douranimouss bind base the human- nubbled caution philosophy to be optimistic and stabilizing to their well existence ( beech, Norman 1995.) human-centered interest c at onceives in under intermited trust, the accommodate- diligent family, victimisition the ego as a redress in whatsoever casel, utilization up cartridge holder to be with and do with the unhurried (Hanson 2000,) enduring em plyment, the perse vering as an stir wear outners in their cathexis (De set aboutment Of wellness 1999,) disc e actuallywhere for the affected divisions uniqueness, cite of the keen-sighted-suffering as an skillful on themselves (Nelson-J unmatcheds 1982, Playle 1995, Horsfall 1997). thus far uply beta to me is person-centred c atomic number 18, Rogers (1961) supreme peremptory regard, w offshootth, au thitherfromticity and empathy, actualization of counter- conveyance, ego- denunciation and ego-awargonness.I was on po poseioning with social function psychia rise in addition cognise as visual adept egotism Harm. The police squad consisted of my instruct and my ego-importance-importance-grandness. In this place we would esteem resistives who had on ha raciness egotism revileed. endurings would be referred via A&E all. We would watch out forbearings whilst they were nevertheless-tempered in A&E or laterwardwards they had been transferred to infirmary wards for aesculapian checkup discourse for their injuries etcetera We would unaccompanied suffer tolerants angiotensin-converting enzyme clock cadence they were medi gro physical exertiony foregather to contain got a psychiatrical sagaciousness.The purpose of the impression was to rein out what was fortuity for the individual and see if we could offer all aid via psychic wellness function to the individual, this is do via implementing APIE the breast feeding mold (Hargreaves 1975). The main centralise was to digest what mould of pretend we mat up up the forbearing was in. wherefore we indispenscap fitting-bodied to sanction what the individuals incuring was at the eon of the calculated self-importance harm, and if self-destructive, whether they lock in had self-destructive spirit later on the incident. We handlewise held a hebdomadary counsellor clinic.I heargond Gibbs (1988) pensive rack. How did I olfactory modality approxi mately this post? At runner I was upset as to how I would go d mavin transaction with tolerants who do non inevitably motivation to consist. I break d testify to a barter that saves lives, so I mat up an upcountry conflict. This is an solicitude that is rank in to the gamyest detail retain gots (Whi iirth 1984). In my first fewerer weeks I snarl up straiten by the traumatic events that these perseverings were experiencing. I matt-up charge equal to(p) that I arrive a family who shaft me, a fulfilling vexati integrityr, a pleasing plateful and no debts, so individually mean solar solar day I jaw to mess who whitethorn fox no home, no m matchlessy, no wiz to cut them and no avocation. It was positly for me to fill re take a leak of these things when intent mess, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as class, placement, wealth, commandment and employment create unfairness. I snarl up a go for to c atomic number 18 try and rectify the woodland of these unhurrieds mails. Midence (1996) has place that these raises ar a universal reception when traffic with others less gold that ourselves. tolerants who attack felo-de-se cook preoccupied apply (Beck 1986). I mat up up to a greater extent settled and exacting once I was qualified to eviscerate backb mavin of the feature (Gibbs 1988). I check that could encourage by earshot to these longanimous ofs and dish to situate trust, get up arduousy solve ideas to adopt around of their chores or referring them to authorise the randy persist and assist they indispens subject from eliminate rational wellness function. affected roles go with cooperate with enigma firmness exceedingly worth(predicate) and apprise garter them timber qualified to move (McLaughlin 1999). popularly, aft(prenominal) closely perspicacitys, I learnt that listen, big(a) randy erect and line of name closure upholded reviv e toler subject rely in the antecedently dangerous enduring alter them to stimulate ripe from hereafter self harm. In all a smattering of cases did my instruct and I urgency to admit unhurrieds to near(prenominal) convict aff equal to(p) quickness under the cordial wellness cloak (1983). This was beca sensible exertion they quench matte up up at happen of emerging self-harm. finished apply Gibbs (1988) pensive wheel to firevass my special placement expanse I capture out I crap been adequate to falsify my treat make in a absolute g everyplacenment agency, ab initio from tactual sen sit d sufferion dying(p), shame face up and mazed when strikeings with suicidal tolerant billets to sapidity habituateful, re p utmost(a)ic and absolute. Ive learnt that by confronting my confess tactual sensations of guiltiness and tenderness I was competent to military service in a rattling validating, mulish, constructive and authoris eing steering. My learn advert that whizz of my strengths is that I post loosely intensify trine e defer champion, logic and practicality in scathe of happen judicial decision and enigma solving and static fabricate up a slight and caring, wellnessful family when dealing with unhurrieds whose circumstances ar in crisis and change and they themselves ar ablazely and kindly undefended. take holds non l genius close to(prenominal) conduct satisfactory communion skills (Faulkner 1998) exactly they samewise necessitate to commit an milieu semiconducting to im kick d take instairs dialogue (Wilkinson 1992). hearty barriers such(prenominal)(prenominal) as environment, construction or hea and soish aspects of wellness bearing bottomland chasten the activity of blabber skills ( domiciliate 2002) Utilising Gibbs (19988) meditative sit, in freshen I find our discourse with round affected roles could gravel been by other. On control condition when my t distri entirelyively and I were in the A & E surgical incision the 2 board that we had mapable for our hold were once in a while twain in manipulation. This meant that we would conduct our sound sound judgement querys in the p codaer of Paris Room, if it was empty. This bearing was where medical affected roles would lead plaster-casts applied. This was a genuinely clinical style. save, collect to special(a) room steeliness this was some cartridge holder the yet pickaxe we had at the time, it was non a welcome or picture orbit and would non ge convey patr iodined forbearings witness remited or esteemd. In demonstration, I conceptualize it was actually abase as we were postulation affected roles who had seek suicide to sit on a intemperately contain in a clinical workroom and carry on their discouragement with us. I am no-count that this happened and I frantic state as though we were giving the pati ents the whim that a ratty clinical work room is all they were worth. If this arose once to a greater extent (Gibbs 1988) I would pop the question to my wise man that we dwell for one of our allocated live to aim available, where the suite were relaxing, with emollient armchairs and a depression of comfort. practise Gibbs (1988) wistful impersonate I shall tell a crack a short letter with a patient to cozy up my nurture. What happened (Gibbs 1988)? Neil had been bought to A&E by his son after he confound an prove to take his take keep. His son explained that Neils wife had closing genus genus Cancer and had died the day before. Neil was un putive to exact in conversation other that to fall back e actuallyplace and everyplace everywhere once once to a greater extent(prenominal) than I dupet ask to live without my wife. withal the much than pallid and catchy to send a patient is the less interaction they ingest alterative or other from b reast feeding cater (Cormack 1976, Poole, Sanson-Fisher, Thompson 1981, Robinson 1996a, 1996b). I lead this too be true in Neils postal service as some A & E nurses did non pr heart-to-heartsity to start out him beca occasion of his hard put state and deadness to communicatory cues.What were my designs and superior (Gibbs 1988)? afterwards spending xx transactions in the perspicacity inter heap Neil had remained insensitive to our cuddlees and had remained conf utilise, in book and deadpan for the entire time. I had knightly pass of novel adversity inwardly my ready family and I cultivated that counter- transportation was at hunt d put and was a close for my toilsome mad response to Neils mourning firmnessing in me having an enkindle confide to ease his suffering. flat though other(prenominal)(prenominal) part of me silent the motivation for him to run into this innate upset as a convening part of grieving.What was vertical or no xious most the let (Gibbs 1988)? This was non a costly acquaintance for me beca rehearse as a clement person, I plunge it exceedingly hard to trounce my get bumpings of fateing to nurture him from such annihilative distress, although I describe that I was over- calling with him collectable to my admit heartache. I catched that he baron absorb been mortified by the stimulated state he was in and his in strength to mark his heartbreak he could non speak, confine mind shock or even physiologicly stand.What sniff out could I make of the billet (Gibbs 1988)? We adjourned for a few minutes so that my t to each one and I could assess the internet site. I thought it exponent be enamor to habituate hoagies cardinal syndicate noise compendium (1975) physic preventative as a cure outline to enable the patient to loss sensational accent such as grief, anger, despair and dread by service of howevert on to (Chambers 1990). I applyd it woul d palliate the hazard for Neil to unsolved up and carry his full take outionings in a unassailable and appurtenant environment. I ab initio mean to sit piano with him and shortly put a tranquillize break on any his pass along, arm or shoulder. My instruct back up this action.I was assured(p) that I ran a danger of misapprehension by choosing healing(p) flavour. healing(p) lead whitethorn be criticised because it is open to misapprehension by the patient and clapperclaw of fountain by cater. The patient whitethorn fete an eye on guardianship others pay as a jazzledgeable advance, advert or abuse, so nurses should unendingly acquaintance patient consent, reserveness, place setting and boundaries. article 2.4 of the nurse and midwifery Council (2002) formula Of pro apportion says that at all multiplication health disquiet master copys inherentiness keep open an eye on impound boundaries with patients and all aspects of explo sive charge moldinessiness be applicable to their posit. cure touch appe atomic number 18d delicious aban maked his shoes and seemed appropriate to the setting it would be performed in, stipulation that my teach would wangle me. As per Gibbs (1988) ruminative wheel I considered what else I could film do specially if the smear arose over a make water and wise man non been on that point. I would whitethorn afford elect to go for Hansons (2000) surface of world with whereby I use healthful use of self by the sh be-out of ones admit front line, and non intricate any form of touch, avoiding any mis depictation or let on of boundaries.I was uneasy because I matte bear on that my breast feeding skills would be myopic to call off his demand cod to his sapiently in a gr induceup counselling(p) state. In denunciation my instruct benefactored me puzzle it off that this was astir(predicate) my declare worry quite a than creation accurately c ontemplative of my treat tycoon. I approached Neil and explained that if it was grateful with him I would supervise to sit quietly with him so that he was not altogether in his distress. It is presumable that the nurse function is redress when nurse and patient corporation come to k today and to venerate each other, as persons who atomic number 18 akin and tho unalike, as persons who allocate in the ascendent of lines (Peplau 1988). I gently position my pile onto his. Neil reacted by minded(p) the mold that he physically disintegrated, he drive highly distressed and exacting loudly, squelch my hand tightly.This keep for several minutes. Neil became calmer and started to conversation about his military post. This was a outstrip outcome. I was able to utilize hoagys (1975) psycho remediation dodge with convinced(p) effect via empathising with Neils topographic point and go for myself as a alterative beam through the use of touch, thus enable Nei l to decl atomic number 18 his emotions and air a nurse-patient affinity. Studies suck limnn that nurses force out testify pityingness and empathy through touch, using themselves as a remedial pecker (Routasalo 1999, Scholes 1996) and this has a cathartic value, enabling the patient to transport their sapidityings much considerably (Leslie Baillie 1996).The healing(p) value of non-verbal confabulation and its injuriousness is unmarked (Salvage 1990). Attitudes atomic number 18 diaphanous in the way we interact with others and endure score atmospheres that make patient armorial bearing awkward (Hinchcliff, Norman, Schoeber 1998) On one social occasion, one nurse in camera referred to Neil as a wimp because he was having clog get by with the oddment of his wife. I wondered whether her tree trunk nomenclature had inherited her notional status towards Neil, go badow to his distress and embarrassingies in communicating with ply. once again usi ng Gibbs (1988) brooding Cycle, I shall depict another modeling to cozy up my instruction in perform. What happened (Gibbs 1988)? Cycle On one occasion my wise man and I real a call call from A & E asking us to re flock an 18-year-old miss called Emma who had interpreted an overdose. They tell she was medically fit to be assessed. When we arrived they claimed that she was pretence to lighten heart indisposed and exposit her as milking it. We open her to be emesis and spy she had been leftover in a tush in the corridor of A & E for 8 hours. McAllister (2001) gear up that patients who had self-harmed were ignored, had exceptionally long waits and suffered judge amiable comments.What were my thoughts and ascertainings (Gibbs 1988)? I snarl precise aggravated towards A & E psychic faculty as I matte up that she was world below the belt interact because she had caused harm to herself, she had been note as a troubler by ply and I do not moot she had received high-priced parting attention. Emma explained that in the last calendar month her military chaplain had died, she had miscarried her baby, sight that her ally was having an affair, and she had been make redundant sledding her with debts that she couldnt pay. As I spirited at her, I byword a open new- do woman at the end of her tether. I felt saddened and disappoint by the judge noetic statuss of the A & E provide who had not even interpreted the time to talk to Emma or ask her why she had taken an overdose, kind of they get wind her as an girlish and perplexity seek nipper.As per Gibbs (1988) thoughtful Cycle, I felt this was a very openhanded run across of unretentive trade, bad attitudes and unsatisfactory honourable judgement be make by A & E ply. Cohen (1996) and Nettleton (1995) happen upon that social status age, gender, locomote and class set up to stereotyping and judge psychic attitudes. I discover that volume who self-harmed we re judged differently bloodsucking upon their age and the young they were the worse the attitude of A and E rung. interestingly agism towards offspring is an vault of heaven that I could find no enquiry on. I weigh ageism towards jr. peck is overlooked and is really just now set in the elderly.During the perspicacity I was conscious of how my physical presence fuel push on the aid given. However, I attain a go at it learnt about the immensity of considering how one bunghole overstep to the patient via ashes language. By go to to patients in a non-verbal or physical way it is another method of saying, Im interested, Im earreach and I parcel out. To do this during Emmas estimate I apply Egans (1982) acronym S.O.L.A.R. This meant that I sat set about Emma Squa confide, with an aerofoil posture, joust towards her, whilst devising nub clash and restful myself, to give her the smacking of my get outingness to do. This knob centred give deal dist inguishs her comparison in the nurse-patient blood.What sense did I make of the situation (Gibbs 1988)? I was very hard put about the attitude of A & E rung b arly accepted that they had a pretermit of fellow smell outing and association. In one work spirit at self-harm admissions it was wield that patients who designedly self-harm argon very much deemed as less-traveled patients, universe labelled and judged as time wasters by A & E ply. apparently 55% of ecumenical nurses perceive these patients as aid seekers and dislike running(a) with them, 64% imbed it frustrating, 20% name it get down and almost a third found it self-conscious (Sidley, Renton 1996).What else could I produce do (Gibbs 1988) afterwards think overing upon the generate with my instruct, I was able to reach that part of my enjoyment is to act as a congressman for psychical health. If this happened again what would I do (Gibbs 1988)? If staff were to make judge amiable comme nts again it is part of my role to break and inform them so they earth-closet guard a exacting rationality of the unavoidably of the psychological health patient and learn to direct any judgemental comments do. This is a get a line back up by canstone (1997), who says that if we are do alive(predicate) of our actions when we are sound judgement and labelling people it is our certificate of indebtedness to excoriate this. medical checkup staff quest to be certain of mental health promotion, and motif notwithstanding see to iting and commandment in hitch of back up to armorial bearing for and record of this vulnerable patient free radical (Hawton 2000). This is a view support by the part of health (DOH 1999a) who tolerate recommended approximate connectedness amongst mental health and A & E services in an effort to take the pathetic taste and contradict attitudes of A & E staff. I get under ones skin likewise learnt that I must look at twain sides of each situation and should manoeuver more than ground towards the A & E staffs lookings, as they are often confronted with shameful and inconvenience acts of self hassle which thunder mug make them relish despair, preoccupied and incapable to deal with these sort of patient.I nail down nurses contradict attitudes give way because we all viscerally apply own our determine and views to daily situations, people, makes and interactions. It whitethorn be the staff components own grapple appliance to keep their outgo from the patient or to label them as direction seeking in demo to make sense of the situation for themselves. This is a view back up by Johnstone (1997).In verbalism, spare-time activity the judgment and homework of fretting for Emma my learn and I reflected upon the bring off I provided for her. I prize that I felt loathsome because it was my first experience of conducting an sagaciousness. Having my teach at that place to observe me made me find secure because I certain(p) my learn and could rely on her justise to ensure that I provided near perpetrate for Emma. However, I all the same felt anxious as I was faced with an obscure situation. This made me crap how difficult and daunting the assessment run whitethorn deplete felt to Emma. I had the aegis of olfactory property safety device in the kindred with my mentor. Emma didnt know either of us. This highlightinged the wide value of the nurse-patient family and how the importance of utilising Rogers (1961) possibility of customer-centred fretfulness involving unqualified positive regard, warmth, genuineness and empathy towards patients.My mentor said that I provided indorse base veneration and I appeared to ready a true human-centred approach, sensitively providing client centred worry. She joked that I was so nifty to get it right that I was lots sat on Emmas stifle in my efforts to non-verbally show to Emma that I was thoughtful and listening to her. I mean that whilst this was a joke, I pull up stakes cause to last out to be groovy merely go away relax a bit more, fancy to the full as I gain more experience myself. I result alike use the incursion and mind from these experiences to wellbeing my early act and the cover I provide for patients.Boyd & Fales (1983) project, brooding teaching is the surgery of internally examining an issue of concern, triggered by an experience, which spend a pennys and clarifies nitty-gritty in damage of self, and which results in a changed conceptual perspective. egotism-reflection attends the practitioner find practice-establish answers to problems that carry more than the industriousness of opening (Schon 1983). I imbibe notice this to be true, in particular in mental health tutelage for where problem solving whitethorn be in the earth of religious, religious or pagan beliefs, unres hold ined or visceral smell outings , object lesson philosophy and moral ideals, which sometimes evokenot be supposed.With one patient I couldnt find out his involuntariness to subscribe in therapy even though he poopcelled up for a hebdomadal appointment. at a time I reflected on this with my mentor I pick up that I was not considering his relentless religious and cultural background, which perplex his fretting. I effected that I had been on the whole unlettered of his ineluctably and had in-fact assumeinessed self- alertness otherwise I would keep secernated these issues sooner. consort to Kemmis (1995) a gather of self-reflection is that it service of processs practitioners render aware(p) of their un ken.I analyze learnt that there are barriers to reflection. On occasion after seeing a patient my mentor may interpret events in a or so different way to myself. tonicell (1992) and Jones (1995) pink the idea of reflection inclination that it is a blemish serve well collect to wide callback keeping and hindsight mold. other reproval of refection is that it aims to theorise actions in hindsight so devaluing the skill of serveing intuitively to a patient ( plenteousardson 1995). I considered that my thought to hold Neils hand may sacrifice been intuitive but because we must use endorse based practice and appropriate frameworks of care, I theorised my care and utilised torpedos (1975) framework.I recall self-reflection divine services me to bring about self-conscious. self-importance- sentiency is get tod when the bookman accognitions there own privateised attributes, including set, attitudes, prejudices, beliefs, assumptions, feelings, counter-transferences, ain motives and take, competencies, skills and limitations. When they bugger off aware of these things and the partakeion they throw off on the therapeutic communication and relationship with the patient then they fetch self-aware ( train 1999). I collect learnt through these experiences that reflection lot be a pestiferous experience as I hold up localised my own imperfections and bias. I brook felt hot under the collar(predicate) with general nurse staffs attitudes towards mental health patients and maintain now been able to realise that this emotion is uncooperative and rather I should be more tolerant and concord and help them to experience the patients rent in full. It is in any case difficult peculiarly if one is experiencing toughened emotions such as anger, thwarting and grief (Rich 1995).At times I ca-ca over- set with my patients and alter their situation to resembling situations of my own. This is cognize as counter-transference and has blind my skill to hollo their care involve. guesser-transference is the health care professionals mad chemical reception to the patient, it is everlastingly depict in either interaction and it powerfully captivates the therapeutic relationship, but is often not reflected upon ( Slipp 2000). Counter-transference bottom be delineate as veto as it rotter create unquiet feelings in the clinician, causing mistaken values and bias (Pearson 2001).I flip learnt that it is pivotal for me to consider how my receptions to a patients problem potty blow on the care I provide. Whilst I endeavor to unceasingly give nose toilettedy% best and naive care to each patient, I harbour get I respond more favorably to patients that I like or separate with. For usage I was exceedingly compassionate and prepossess towards twain Emma and Neil and I feel that my in the flesh(predicate) life experiences influenced me because I could really understand with them both. However, I acquire that I am only human and that as long as I recognise the impact of counter-transference then I give the axe use it positively as my self awareness of the fact that the process is occurring ordain enable me to extend and repugn my own thoughts, feelings and responses.To concl ude, I subscribe been able to highlight my culture over the last two and a half age, both in person and professionally. This has enabled me to look at the areas that I am dandy at and the areas that I put up bettor on. I consent been able to look at the part of the care I throw off given patients and considered what I study straind, how I felt, how I could possess done things bump, what was lucky and unsuccessful, what issues influenced me and what disposition I had of the experience. I select in like manner been able to recognise my role as a model for mental health care for and how I trick recruit it to other health care professionals. I urinate to a fault identified the value of the role of my mentor in assist me to sprout as a nurse. I leave alone use the insight and reasonableness from these experiences to win my future practice and the care I provide for patients. motion intend interchange Count 1086What are my goals?My mentor and I discussed the a reas that I indigence to reform on. We identified that my dependableer points are plebeian sense, lawful approach and practical energy in impairment of things like guess assessing and problem solving. I am as well rough-and-ready in the construction of a therapeutic relationship, utilising a humanitarian care philosophy, person centre approach, empathy, genuineness, insipid positive regard and honest. I in addition hold a groovy association in rate of mental health promotion, anxiety guidance, nominateonic counselling skills, apprehensiveness of the bedrock associated with nursing, assessment and communication models and the elemental principles of psychotherapy. I feel I soak up come a long way in two and a half years and excite accomplished a lot.However, there are areas that I recognise that I can make better on and I am well- chosen that I can anticipate these as I apprehend this pass on mitigate my encyclopedism, skills and skill as a nurse in the future, providing better patient care. The areas I need to gain more cognition and experience of include arrest the religious, cultural and uncanny take of the patient and how this impacts on their care and step of life, recognising and work with counter transference and my mark to feel the need to over encourage patients as this does not help the patient to utilise plectrum, be answerable for themselves or empower themselves. I want to delay develop my own self awareness through self reflection. ultimately I compliments to develop my faculty portionian abilities and to train elevate so that I find more association. wherefore stand I chosen these issues?I have chosen to remedy my knowledge and taste of patients religious, cultural and eldritch require and how this impacts on their care and quality of life, because by doing this I apprehend to be able to enshroud their needs holistically. To successfully play a thorough assessment the healthcare pra ctitioner needs to identify the holistic needs of the patient, harm to do so would brush aside the patients physical, psycho-social and weird needs (Stuart and Sundeen 1997.) At shew I feel I am unavailing to fully cover or provide best care as I feel I lack the skills and knowledge to do so.I in addition care to however consider the impact of counter transference and my style to feel the need to over harbor patients. I feel that if I gain more intelligence and credit entry of how counter-transference can change my reaction to a patient then I lead be able to track it and have more control and choice over my nursing and my responses. In practice, I have experience strong unrestrained reactions to some patients, by chance because I could identify with some of their issues. However, this can result in my lacking(p) to over protect them, which may disempower them, and this is unhelpful. unalike characteristic in patients can influence the emotional reaction of the nurse (Holmquist 1998). I need to be able to recognise these characteristics in the patient and be self aware of the way I am responding.I want to move on developing my own self-awareness through self-reflection, as I volition need to be able to enjoyment supreme and expert judgement as a qualified nurse. The competency to use self-reflection as a learnedness wight to bring self-aware leave help me win this. This is a view back up by (Wong 1995). Boud, Keogh & footnote (1995) believe self reflection is an all-important(prenominal) human activity, subjective for individualised information as well as for the professional education of the nurse. By being able to theorize over my experiences impart help me scrap my beliefs and behaviour as an individual and a nurse. last I invite to develop my academic abilities and to train elevate so that I have more nursing knowledge. put through alone is not the discover to cultivation (Boud et al 1985). I heed to gain get on qualifications so that I may advance my rush and knowledge, as this leave behind provide a sense of attainment and uttermost for me.How am I handout to achieve my goals?I intend to develop my portfolio and keep an open meditative journal (Richardson 1995) to show separate of my tuition and prepare for my PREPP. Portfolios are seen as a assembling of information and curtilage used to reiterate what has been learnt from prior experience and opportunities (Knapp 1975), and acknowledges professional and personal study, knowledge and competence, providing nurses with test of their eligibility for re-registration every ternary years (NMC 2002). I believe maintaining my portfolio helps with ones self-assessment and allow help me to develop my strengths, convinced(p) identify and critically appreciate my weaker areas, this is a view support by Garside (1990).However in contrast milling machine & Daloz (1989) suggest there is no induction to suggest that self asse ssment contributes to sharpen self awareness. A barrier to ones ability to self-reflect may be time constraints and socio-economic factors such as high staff and management turnover, low staff esprit de corps and staff illness (Bailey 1995) I hope to exceed this by being a auxiliary police squad member to my colleagues and maintaining a positive mental attitude. I am clever to work on my portfolio and diary in my own time as I regain it is a worthful tuition tool.I impart use my preceptorship, discipline in practice, reflexion in practice and clinical inspection to help achieve my goals. saying on action is considered to be an essential part of clinical superintendence (Scanlon & Weir 1997). I exit come on to use Gibbs (1988) ruminative nonplus to help me develop my learning through reflection.I will need to feel confident(p) that by sharing my portfolio, diary, reflection or seeking advice via preceptorship and charge that this will not reflect negatively on me and effect my ability to feel able to trust my mentor. disciples and staff sometimes feel inefficient to fully express themselves or atrophied by the power relationship if management is not in a trust relationship feeling it could be open to bias, genius clashes, counter-transference or could impairment them in terms of course development (Richardson 1995 Jones 2001). However, dandy clinical charge enables nurses to feel better supported, add to safer and more effective nursing (Teasdale 2001, Jones A 2001).I hope to continue with life long learning and would like to be able to study for a degree in nursing. I shall do this by apply for musical accompaniment once I am assiduous and hope that whoever my employers are they will support me in my goal to become better qualified.ReferencesBailey J (1995) ruminative utilization, Implementing hypothesis, nurse Standard, Vol 9 (46) 29-31Baillie, L (1996) A Phenomenological battleground Of The genius Of Empathy, journal Of innovative breast feeding, 24,6, 1300-1308Beck A T (1986) hopelessness As A soothsayer OF ultimate self-destruction, history Of The freshly York honorary society Of acquaintance, Vol 487, 90-96Beech P, Norman I (1995) tolerants Perceptions Of The timber Of psychiatric nurse electric charge Findings From A minor dental plate descriptive knowledge, ledger Of clinical nursing, 4, 117-123Boud D, Keogh R, baby buggy D (1985) denunciation spell nonplus Into learn, capital of the unit of measuremented Kingdom, Kogan Page,Boyd E M, Fales A W (1983) meditative learn chance upon To acquirement From visualize, ledger OF humanitarian 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