Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Persuaders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

The Persuaders - Essay Example The 2004 presidential campaign is also made a part of this video to explicate how the two persuaders, the Republicans and the Democrats, tried to take maximum advantage of innovative techniques to attract and persuade voters on basis of their individual demographic profiles. However, the catch-22 is that with more fierce bombardment of marketing techniques, it has also become increasingly harder to get consumers to respond to them. It is implied that as the marketing claims continue to become more sophisticated, consumers also continue to get more cynical. This has prompted refinement of old techniques by the persuasion industries to reestablish a bond between Americans and various brands. The video shows that in order to establish a magical and long-lasting connection with consumers, many brands have begun to use very surprising techniques like hiring of linguists and brain researchers as brand managers. Such brand managers seek to awaken the hidden desires of consumers by their magical words to influence their decision making when they go to a store to buy a certain product. Although they strive to create an emotional connection between consumers and their brands, there is much debate on whether these connections could be held real. My personal opinion is that often such brand managers, instead of honestly explaining the real message and promise behind the brand, only mean to manipulate consumers, misguide them, and tarnish their tastes. It is not uncommon for consumers to get lost or carried away while listening to these brand managers work their magic with their words. For example, the reality can turn out to be drastically different after buying a product and dis covering the contrast between its real value and the value promised by brand managers earlier on. I use an Apple iPhone and I can demonstrate well how the relatively new marketing trend, in which consumers are persuaded by brands to buy a product to

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