Thursday, July 18, 2019

Trouble with Television

The trouble with television My viewpoints on the book written by Marie Winn â€Å"The Trouble with Television† which talks about how television has a negative effects on children and family. I’ve read the book and I agreed with everything author Marie Winn wrote, so I have decided to argue for her on the major points of the book.My first argument for the book will be about the family, it talks about how â€Å"TV Keeps Families From Doing Other Things†, which it explains how a child that spends too much time watching TVs will miss out on a very important part of their learning development, because in the home its where much of the child learns an if the child is watching TV and not learning and bonding with their family, the television will turn off the process that transforms children into people.My second argument will be about TVs is a hidden competitor for all other activities   this topic is about how TVs takes most of your time so you don't have time to do anything else ,TVs is competing with every activities an TVs is the one of the reason why some activities people never get to doThe book also says â€Å"That TVs takes the place of physical fitness and play†, I totally agree with that statement because too many kids are just watching TV, not doing any physical activities at all, studies are showing that people are watching more TVs an getting more obese due to a lack of physical activities, to me after finding that out too much TVs has such a negative effect on physical health, I’ve decide to cut down on the number of hours I spend watching TVs.TV has such a negative effect on school achievement ,that was one of the main points in The Trouble with Television book ,it explains how excessive TVs watching directly negatively affects the brain ,in other words   turns the brain into mush due to more watching TVs and less studying. In my opinion I agree with everything author Marie Winn wrote in The Trouble with Televisio n book.I agree that too TVs is a big problem . I once use to watch TVs so much and never studied I was failing in school, and when I finally turned off the TVs and picked up a book, my grades an my life became so much better, when you turn off the TVs you come back to reality an so some world that wastes your time

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