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Comparison contrast essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Comparison contrast - Essay Example The reason for being athletes Athletic can broadly cover all the physical activities that individuals involveinactivities that help boost their physique. People have different motives for participating in sporting events. Allender advocates that frequency of a person in events associated with bodybuildingdetermines the potential to win. An individual requires much physical energy to enhance the capability to perform better. Despite the positive impacts on an individual’s life resulting from involvement in sports, there are differing elements constituting to why individuals continue participating in athletes. Some do it for pleasure while others have hopes of growing into world champions. Contrast between Andy and Darwin a) Strength The strength of an individual player is of prime concern for the ability to remain in the field. Athletes have differing potential due to their frequent partaking in sports. Andy is a tennis player while Darwin is a Cub’s baseball player. Des pite the fact that all are ball games, Mueller states thatessential strength to involve oneself in the game differs from person to person. Andy usesless strength thanDarwin doesdue to the movement one makes when in the field.Opinionatedly, all athletes need enough energy for undertaking their positions while in the field. b) Salary Salary is the primary motive for people’s engagement in sporting activities. Through competition, one once declared the champion obtains several medals for the team. The salary attached to various players is different in regard to the activities they carry out. For instance, the salary of Andy is different from Darwin’s salary. The reason for the difference is the incapacitation of the team’s treasury. Salary difference may also be due to one’s performance. Coaches are very crucial people in the team, as they are the regulators of activities performed. Coaches are capable of determining who is to do what coaches should ensure t hat all players have equal pay despite what the individual does for the team. Robert, Weinberg, and Daniel illustrate that a better salary system motivates individuals into participating in athletics. c) Human health Physical activities are significant for the health of certain individuals. For one, an individual not fond of sports may end up acquiring some illnesses, some of which are avoidable through chipping in in physical activities. Such diseases as obesity affect the health of an individual and leads to incurring costs for proper medication (Mueller). Andy due to lack of involvement in much movement in the field may develop chronic diseases than Darwin who has to move to the ball. It is worth necessitating individuals have the motive to participate in sports to impede suffering from diseases. Lessons learnt from distinguishing the athletes Through the comparison, it is vital to note that individuals gain important requisites for their bodies. First, it is true that individual s get to know the importance of athletics in their bodies. Allender indicates that athletics help individuals in their health, as it is through exposure to physical activities that one is in a way able to reverse contraction of diseases (specifically, obesity). Secondly, continued involvement in athletic actions keeps the body fit for other activities. One is able to move from a

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