Monday, November 4, 2019

Corporate citizenship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Corporate citizenship - Essay Example in education and earning satisfactory returns on resources drawn from the community by avoiding exploitation. This concept in many instances is taken to be a philanthropic move by companies but this is not the case. It is rather a well thought out process whose execution has followed clear business strategies. This process for the management is not that easy as they need to balance the company’s profitability goals as well as society’s needs (both in short and long-term basis). There are certain benchmarks that can be followed e.g. the Millennium Development Goals and NEPAD (Levine 2010). Companies invest huge resources towards Corporate Citizenship and it can therefore make one wonder what they stand to gain while considering on one hand that a business’ business is business and not diversion of resources to non-business ventures (Levine 2010). Businesses engage in Corporate Citizenship primarily to benefit the community in which they operate. However, this act trickles down to the business in form of; better financial performance due to marketing concept coupled with the program, lower employee turnover and higher morale, reduced regulatory supervision, customer loyalty and brand image enhancement being one of the key

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