Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Nursing Research Article Review Worksheet Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nursing Article Review Worksheet - Research Paper Example Moreover, will music therapy to able to display the same ameliorating effects as it has done for other patients dealing with pain management? As music therapy has had a demonstrable effect in lessening the pain of many patients that suffer from other forms of disease, it is the goal of the research to determine if the same can be said for those patients who are suffering from breast cancer. The theoretical framework hinges upon the fact that music therapy has been demonstrably proven to reduce the prevalence of pain within other patients. As such, the researchers are acutely interested to see if such a theoretical framework can extend to their research group/question. In this way although the research questions are of a relatively complex nature, the theoretical framework within which the research is housed is quite simple. The article itself is highly quantitative as it seeks to understand the total benefits that music therapy will affect on the cancer patients through determinate and metricized system of quantifiable measurements. Furthermore, the consecutive and logical grouping of the data helps the analyst not only to quickly recognize the piece’s overall quantitative merit but also to rapidly draw inference from the numbers and statistics

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