Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Criminal Justice Capstone Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Criminal Justice Capstone - Research Proposal Example This paper explores gun violence, the triggers and ways to curb it. Gun violence is a problem that can be traced to the advent of guns. But unlike ancient aggressive actions of individuals, violence in the current era of sophisticated guns has been more serious and damaging to the victims and the society in general. The influx of firearms in Arkansas has served to offer a more sincere means of threats as well as a faster medium of taking out human life. The initial interaction American society had with guns in the mid-nineteenth century was exceptionally lacklustre (Hogeboom, 2000). The extension of the acquisition of guns to civilians created the unintended result of an effective means of death, especially in states with poor anti-gun laws like Arkansas. The slacken rules of owning a gun without proper license in the state has led to rampant cases of murder in the state (Devi, 2012). The intense measures of violence associated with guns over the years have prompted various actions to be taken in order to minimize the injurious situations that have occurred and continue occurring in the state. Other states, however, have implemented laws that offer exceptionally punitive penalties for unlawful possession of a gun. Task forces that seek to limit the amount of illegal weapons available within the public have also sprouted in the state, but with little if any achievements made so far (Stell, 2004). In light of this, researchers have proposed that further action in the form of tighter legislation should be enacted to limit cases of gun violence in Arkansas (Lot, 2013). However, a major source of contention stems from the Second Amendment, which legalizes gun ownership for security and sporting events (Faria, 2012). This paper explores th e issue of gun violence in Arkansas and proposes strategies that if implemented would curb the problem. The grave issue of gun violence in Arkansas

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