Sunday, September 8, 2019

Internet Censorship Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Internet Censorship - Research Paper Example nizations and individuals practice internet censorship because of maintaining the morality in the society, requirement by religion, to conserve the culture of the society, due to authoritative command or due to the requirement by law. There diverse opinions about internet censorship among the people of the modern whereby some support it at the same time others opposing it (Deibert 76). In addition, the degree of internet censorship varies from one country to another or from one organization to another. Some have got suppressed rules on internet censorship while others have extreme legal restrictions whereby even basic information like news that should be passed to the public is suppressed. Moreover, it occurs when sensitive occasions or activities are anticipated to take place. Such events include general elections in various countries to elect new leaders, protests and riots against something. Such censorship is meant not stir incitement among the public to cause more harm during such events. Other fields of censorship are done to protect the legal right to control written work, prevent offensive language against someone and to protect people from getting exposed to disturbing scenes that may cause psychological torture. Most occasions that require internet censorship are related to online censorship that is applied to media and internet. The existing difference between the two is that the limits of a nation sometimes can leak. People can get data which is prohibited in their own country other countries where the same information is not restricted. Therefore, internet censorship must be fully implemented and enforced to ensure there is no access of such information at all. To ensure that this is achieved then sites that should not accessed are completely blocked or only the information that should be communicated to people is filtered. Filtering information or blocking is implemented by use of blacklisting and intensive scrutinization of information that is

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