Friday, September 13, 2019

Data Privacy in Electronic Health Records System Essay

Data Privacy in Electronic Health Records System - Essay Example The data stored in the system are accurate and updated on regular basis and require data banks for that process. Patient’s state is captured, and his/her medical history can be retrieved at ease when needed by the medical personnel despite the density of the data at their end user. In that case, privacy and confidentiality become an issue (Fetter 409). The confidentiality is at risk because information may easily get into the third party who gets access to the network and hospital system. The information in the system can only be modified using one modifiable file this ensures data is correct and precise. On patients with long-term illness, their medical history can be retrieved, and his/her development studied for precise treatment depending on the development. Hacking and malicious intentions are the prominent problems. The systems can be hacked and patients medical information was stolen and used for unscrupulous deeds (Amatayakul and Amatayakul 45). Clinicians may also carelessly place their tablets or computers at insecure places where they can be stolen and patient’s information can be accessed disclosing the patient’s condition, which is always private and confidential, between the patient and clinician no third parties involved. In case of virus invasion on the system, all data may be lost leaving no records of patients especially the medical history, which is much far important as patient’s well-being is concerned. Illegal access to the system may cause more damage to patients since patients medical information can be exaggerated even changed leading to a wrong diagnosis and eventually wrong medications to patients. To curb the vice, the infrastructure platform should be supported by software designs with functionalities that prevent and avert the menace.  

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