Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hunting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Hunting - Essay Example Nature lovers and wild life activists continuously try to spread awareness that hunting an animal is not only unethical but may also interfere with the food chain. When the existence of a particular species is threatened the world faces a misbalance too. Though laws in all most all countries exist, which forbids killing of endangered species, yet a group of people ignore the severity of the problem and continue hunting. In Nagaland, a tribal place in India, villagers hunt the Great Hornbill just to pluck their feathers to make dresses or headgears. The hunting has become so severe that only a few hundred Great Hornbills exist today. Some people illegally hunt endangered species like one-horned rhinoceros or African elephants to use their horns and teeth for trade purposes. It is evident that not everyone is aware of the fact that animals have precious lives too and need to be protected. We cannot eliminate an entire species for our own selfish purposes. More National parks and Reserv es should be set up to protect wildlife and animals from external threat and forest officers should be employed to look after the animals in these areas and protect them from poachers. Laws covering animal protection must include severe punishments for the law-breakers and such people should not be pardoned at all. Since it is us who have destroyed the natural habitats of most wildlife animals, we should be responsible for their rehabilitation and protection. The national parks and bioreserves should also employ veterinarians to ensure immediate medical attention for animals in times of need. But, more importantly mass education should be conducted in every country to educate the people about the need of animal protection and unethical hunting. In some countries killing certain animals for sport is supported and there are seasons called hunting seasons which allows hunters to hunt animals like antlered bucks, antlerless bucks, minks, foxes, turkeys and small game animals like rabbit s, raccoons or squirrels. In fact, sometimes hunting is termed as â€Å"ethical hunting† which is a mockery of the word â€Å"ethics† itself; because I do not think anyone with the right ethics would ever indulge in hunting. Wildlife biologists agree that overpopulation of deer poses a problem, but they reject the idea that foxes, turkey and game animals must be included in the hunting list too. Hunting parks issue licenses and allow one license holder only a certain number of kills per year. Parks do their own duty by printing manuals that train hunters in recognizing animals and issue rules about using hunting weapons. However, even after such precautions some hunters fail to recognize animals from a distance and may kill a species that should not hunted. In other cases, hunters do not kill their game entirely and leave it badly injured or crippled. In such cases the injured animals suffers a long and utterly painful death. According to a PETA report â€Å"A member of the Maine Bow Hunters Alliance estimates that fifty percent of animals who are shot with crossbows are wounded but not killed. A study of 80- radio collared white-tailed deer, found that, out of 22 deer that had been shot with traditional archery equipment, 11 were wounded but not recovered.† Thus, a high percentage of animals are only wounded. â€Å"

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